Project RELATE

Project RELATE is a cooperative training program within major city hospitals in the Boston vicinity. This program is exclusively focused on our core competencies of family dynamics: parent-to-child (and child-to-parent) relationship building as well as spousal support, especially in the face of OCD, anxiety, depression, and relevant phobias. While our hospitals are typically equipped with locked inpatient units for general psychiatric assistance, RELATE requires a minimum 24-hour stay (max 72) but allows for special, flexible accommodations, as long as the patient remains on site to complete their personalized program. These include support/focus groups and appointments with our team of experts throughout the day.

Our staff is professionally trained, board-certified psychiatrists and psychologists. As a training program, students in the study of psychology and psychiatry in Boston’s finest schools (Harvard, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston University, Brandeis, Tufts, Northeastern, and Wellesley) are also available for support.

If you’d like to learn more, please fill out the Intake Form and securely upload it here. We will contact you if there is a fit.

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